May 212010

Rand Paul (photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)

Recently the Republican nominee for one of Kentucky’s senate seat, Rand Paul, dared to question the 1964 passing of the Civil Rights Act (or did he?). This instantly made him a Very Bad Person™ in the eyes of progressives (not that having Ron Paul for a father is winning many popularity contests). Paul seemed to be defending the austro-libertarian contention that government intervention against prejudicial discrimination in the private sector is antithetical to the natural rights to freely associate and freely use private property.

Frederic Bastiat (public domain image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Frederic Bastiat wisely said in Economic Harmonies, “Government acts only by the intervention of force; hence, its action is legitimate only where the intervention of force is itself legitimate.” The question at hand is whether or not governmental force is justified in forbidding discrimination.

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Jun 052009

I’ve found a couple interesting speeches from a recent Austrian Scholars Conference about Christian views on economy, specifically private property and capitalism. I’ll post more as I discover and listen to them.

Nineteenth Century Conservative Protestant Theory and the Biblical View of Property by Shawn Ritenour (player, mp3)

Catholic Social Teaching and the Austrian School Revisited: A Reply to Thomas Storck by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (player, mp3)

The latter seems to be a follow up to one or all of these:

The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (player, mp3)

The Crisis in Catholic Social Teaching on Economics by William Luckey (player, mp3)

The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. (player, mp3)