Jun 252009

I feel sorry for the family of SC governor Mark Sanford. I do not, however, feel bad for the GOP.

Due to his fiscal conservatism (e.g., his rejection of stimulus funds for SC), he was becoming an attractive potential candidate in 2012. With such a candidate the GOP might have had a chance to unseat the incumbant Obama. If Republicans took back the White House in 2012, it is likely that all but the slimmest chances for real reform in the party (i.e., a return to the small government, anti-war Old Right) would be lost for the foreseeable future.

There’s nothing grand about the Grand Old Party. It’s a zombie abomination, a rotting corpse of a party that needs to be put down for its own and everyone else’s good. With any luck, at least one decent new party will replace it. With incredible luck, maybe a few Democrats will leave their party, too, and contribute to the formation of a system of more than two parties.

A guy can dream can’t he? 😉