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Defending the Church

Now that I have a forum at my disposal, I'd like to take a stand against the Catholic bashing that has been going on since the priest scandal broke. As a start, I offer a well-written letter to the editor submitted to The Pitt News by a good friend (and the man who sponsored my confirmation 2 years ago).

Catholic teachings are not at fault by Gerald McClain

"The Newman Oratory Catholic Organization, as the official Roman Catholic organization on the Pitt campus, would like to take this opportunity to formally address the recent criticism the Church has received. We would like to acknowledge the current situation about pedophilic and ephebophilic priests, address the general attack the Church underwent recently in the Pitt News and finally address the Catholics here on the Pitt campus."

Disposable Babies

The Dolly scientists aren't content with an arthritic cloned sheep. They now want permission to clone human embryonic cells. One of these days, I'll update this site with links to information about the bioethical considerations of stem cell and cloning research, as well as what hasn't gone quite right with Dolly.

Dolly the Sheep Scientists Turn to Human Embryos

"The scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep said on Thursday they plan to seek permission to experiment on human embryos for medical purposes. In a move expected to raise concerns from some religious groups, the Roslin Institute will apply for a license to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, the British government body that regulates embryo research."

Inaugural Entry

I really haven't the foggiest what the weblog craze is all about. I figured I could understand it best by creating a blog myself. I tend to be kinda allergic to hosting services and portals, such as Blogger, but I don't have cgi execution rights on my school's web server, so this page is home-rolled and updated with Blog. Stayed tuned for more lunacy and mayhem – same bat channel, same time.

P.S. I found this page inspirational: "What the Hell is a Weblog and Why Won't It Leave Me Alone?" by Derek M. Powazek

Pregnancy and Minors' Right to Privacy

Pregnancy Notification Policy Alarms Some Health Experts

“A revised regulation that directs Howard County school officials to notify parents when students reveal they are pregnant has drawn criticism from health experts who say it violates a young woman’s right to privacy and jeopardizes health care.”

My two cents? Children are guaranteed no right to privacy with regard to their parents or legal guardians. Parental rights trump the personal privacy rights of children.