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Marathon Training Phase I: Endurance


Pursuant to my marathon training plan, here’s my training plan for 10/25/10 through 01/02/10:


How Not to Run a Marathon


What's wrong with this picture?

Last year, my Pittsburgh Marathon training was spotty at best. Winter training was almost non-existent due to lengthy chest colds. My mileage didn’t get very high. My longest run was only 16mi – and happened the week before the marathon. I started with the 4:45 pace group last year, and kept with it until about mile 15. The long hill into and through Oakland (miles 13 and 14) took too much out of me. I kept a fairly steady pace after that, though, and finished in 5:04.

This year, my marathon training was much better (though not perfect). Winter training still left something to be desired, but that was due more to inclement weather than illness. I gradually increased my mileage over the course of 11 weeks. My longest run was 22 miles, and I had time to taper to 16 and 12 after that. When race day came, I felt ready to aim for 4:30, with 4:45 as a backup plan. I missed both goals and finished in a dismal 5:44.

What happened?


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