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2012 Run Around the Square 5K: Personal Course Record!


I ran the Run Around the Square 5K today. My training has been going well, I’ve been losing weight, and I’ve felt really good lately, so I’d hoped for a personal 5K record. Unfortunately, the temperature was about ten degrees warmer than I’d hoped, the humidity was high, and the ozone level prompted an orange air quality action day alert. Consequently, I didn’t manage to beat or match my 5K record of 25:12.

However, there is good news. My 25:42 finishing time was good enough to beat my personal course record by sixteen seconds!

Even more good news can be found in the context of my previous course record. That 25:58 finish happened in 2008. That was also the year I ran my 10K PR at the Great Race, finishing in 50:49. That means I have a very good chance of beating my 10K PR this year!

Great Race, here I come! 🙂

29 Weeks and Counting


After a disastrous marathon in 2010, I’m determined to be better prepared for 2011. Despite having successfully completed two marathons, I’m swallowing my pride and following a 26-week beginner plan. I’m treating this year as though I’ve never run a marathon before. Since I have to run through holidays and the birth of my third child, I’m stretching the plan out to 29 weeks. Here’s the breakdown:


How Not to Run a Marathon


What's wrong with this picture?

Last year, my Pittsburgh Marathon training was spotty at best. Winter training was almost non-existent due to lengthy chest colds. My mileage didn’t get very high. My longest run was only 16mi – and happened the week before the marathon. I started with the 4:45 pace group last year, and kept with it until about mile 15. The long hill into and through Oakland (miles 13 and 14) took too much out of me. I kept a fairly steady pace after that, though, and finished in 5:04.

This year, my marathon training was much better (though not perfect). Winter training still left something to be desired, but that was due more to inclement weather than illness. I gradually increased my mileage over the course of 11 weeks. My longest run was 22 miles, and I had time to taper to 16 and 12 after that. When race day came, I felt ready to aim for 4:30, with 4:45 as a backup plan. I missed both goals and finished in a dismal 5:44.

What happened?


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