I’m sure most of the socially networked dads reading my blog (all three of you) are already family with DadLabs. If you’re no, go check them out!

Daddy Clay has decided (again) that he needs to lose some weight, and that misery loves company. Thus, he’s inviting folks to take part in the 2010-2011 DadLabs Weight Loss Challenge or FitFatFitFatFit v3.0.

“I recently returned from a summer vacation, spent beached like a walrus, munching giant hoagies and slurping beer as dark and thick as motor oil, to discover to my shock that I had put on a bit of weight. Actually, a huge amount of weight.

“In that I am not alone. Seems like articles about the obesification of America are everywhere these days. And there is something that we can do about it, right here in this office.

“It’s FitFatFitFatFit v3.0. I have challenged Brad and Troy (despite having lost two previous challenges). They have accepted. I also challenge any willing member of the community.

“So here is the deal: join the DadLabs Weight Loss Challenge or DadLabs BMI Bash or DadLabs Diet Discourse today. (First Order of Business: Come up with a catchy name.)

“Weigh in, calculate your BMI, that kind of stuff, and make note either publicly or privately. We will debate here the best way to calculate the winner and/or winners. Weigh in to establish your starting weight at any time of your choosing, but the Weigh Out will be Valentine’s Day 2011 (which corresponds with my goals for running my next competitive half-marathon).

“Huge prizes will be awarded is a variety of categories TBD (open to suggestions for categories here).”

I’m 20+ pounds heavier than I ought to be, so I’m definitely in. Besides, losing weight should help me run faster. 🙂

Join us. Misery loves company. 😉