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Of Love and Co-Sleeping

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. I’ve just been busy adjusting to and enjoying life with our new baby. Oh yeah, the pretty girl in the photo to the left is Eleanor Bernadette. We call her “Ella” for short. She was born on September 26. 🙂 Just as with all three … Continue reading »

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Ever Forget to Feed Your Child Lunch?

As dinner time approached this evening, my wife asked what the boys had had for lunch today. Since I’d been home all day with them, I ought to know. When I paused to think, she uttered a perplexed, “Hello?” For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what Joel had eaten. Then light dawned in … Continue reading »

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Faith Meets Child Psychology

I’ve read (and continue to read) a lot about developmental milestones, discipline, and child psychology in general. Just about every book I’ve read (and several articles) have mentioned the need for quiet time before bed. Heck, adults need it, too! It’s especially important for kids, though, and the sanity of their parents, because it can … Continue reading »

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Sleep, Interrupted

I’m exhausted, and so is my wife. We’re sleeping in two-hour chunks. If we had a newborn in the house, I wouldn’t be surprised, but we don’t. Our younger son is 5.5mo. What the heck? Almost like clockwork, Joel wakes up and cries every two hours. From 10PM to 6AM, that’s four wake-ups a night. … Continue reading »

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Twice the Love, Half the Sleep

If I recall correctly, Scott Hahn described the arrival of each of his children as “twice the love and half the sleep”. Assuming he and his wife represent 20 units of love and .50 units of sleep, and each child accounts for a power, having six kids has brought him 64 times the love and … Continue reading »

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