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Agnus Dei

Alex has wowed me again. It happened yesterday afternoon while he was playing on the living room floor with his trains. In addition to quietly narrating some kind of story involving characters from Thomas and Friends, he was singing bits of songs to himself. When I first heard him, he was singing a song from … Continue reading »

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When the weather’s decent, I like to take one of the boys out for an evening walk around the neighborhood. Recently, I enjoyed one of those walks with Alex. He talked to me a little along the way, primarily about the things saw or heard (mostly birds and dogs). The rest of the time he … Continue reading »

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Tuning Up

Alex’s singing voice is getting much better. He won’t be trying out for America’s Got Talent any time soon, but the tunes he sings are recognizable without words now. Recently, I heard him singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Aside from consistently leaving out the word “world”, he does a pretty good job. I think he’s … Continue reading »

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Do You Think He Likes Veggie Tales? ;)

Kids don’t get much cuter than this. 😉 As this video indicates, Alex is rather fond of the Veggie Tales theme song and is getting pretty good at singing it. Unfortunately, I didn’t start recording in time to catch the beginning of the song, including “up and down the produce aisle” (which we were rather … Continue reading »

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Alex “sang” himself to sleep several times today. In the early morning, before two naps, and at bedtime he sort of hummed or cooed as he fell asleep. It was such a sweet sound to hear over the baby monitor. 🙂

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