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Tagged With: psychology

Discipline and the Scarcity Principle

I recently finished reading “Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert, B. Cialdini, PhD. It’s mostly about detecting persuasive tricks by propagandists, compliance agents, salesmen, and marketers. However, toward the end there is a bit about the scarcity principle that’s relevant to parents. The idea of the scarcity principle is that we instinctively desire scarce … Continue reading »

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Faith Meets Child Psychology

I’ve read (and continue to read) a lot about developmental milestones, discipline, and child psychology in general. Just about every book I’ve read (and several articles) have mentioned the need for quiet time before bed. Heck, adults need it, too! It’s especially important for kids, though, and the sanity of their parents, because it can … Continue reading »

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