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Our First Signed Mass

Since our whole family has been enjoying learning ASL signs, and we’re Catholic, we thought attending a bilingual ASL/English mass would be an interesting and edifying experience. It took us a while, but we finally got around to doing it last week. It was an interesting and generally positive experience. [Many of my observations are … Continue reading »

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Thanks Be To God

Be careful what you say around children. They’re listening, they have excellent memories, and they like to imitate. Alex demonstrated that nicely yesterday. This isn’t the kind of story you might be expecting, though. Alex didn’t repeat something naughty I said or ask a really embarrassing question in public. Actually, it was a pleasant surprise. … Continue reading »

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Agnus Dei

Alex has wowed me again. It happened yesterday afternoon while he was playing on the living room floor with his trains. In addition to quietly narrating some kind of story involving characters from Thomas and Friends, he was singing bits of songs to himself. When I first heard him, he was singing a song from … Continue reading »

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When the weather’s decent, I like to take one of the boys out for an evening walk around the neighborhood. Recently, I enjoyed one of those walks with Alex. He talked to me a little along the way, primarily about the things saw or heard (mostly birds and dogs). The rest of the time he … Continue reading »

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Religious Education Is More Than Books

We’re starting to see some fruits from the seeds of faith we’ve sown in our children. Both have been going to mass with us every week. Heck, Alex went at six days old and Joel went at two days old! We say grace before meals and a prayer before saying goodnight. Alex has been able … Continue reading »

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