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Standing Today, Walking Tomorrow?


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Watch Out, World!

On 07/29 (age: 5mo) she momentarily got up onto hands and knees. By the 9th she was propelling herself. Her method wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. She’s now a pro at crawling. On 08/04 she momentarily sat up on her own. By the 11th she was a pro at sitting. Considering her … Continue reading »

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Whorl War III

It’s time to add another data point to my informal study of hair whorls and handedness. As you can see in the photo, Lily’s whorl has a clockwise pattern. Thus, she has a 95% chance of being right-handed. Sorry, Dear. 😉

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I Have New Grey Hairs

Well, technically, I don’t have new grey hairs yet, but I earned a few that I’m bound to get. You see, Lily has bronchiolitis, and she gave us quite a scare last night. Lily’s poor little body is creating mucus like it’s going out of style. It makes breathing rather difficult and distressing for her. … Continue reading »

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She’s Here!

After narrowly avoiding induction, our little girl has come out of uterine hiding. 🙂 Lilian Margaret was born 11:30 AM on February 28, 2011, after Mommy labored for only three hours in the hospital and pushed for about ten minutes. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and measured 20.5 in long. Had she not come … Continue reading »

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