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Joel has hit an important linguistic milestone. Yesterday, at lunch, he formed a two-word sentence to ask for what he wanted. “Nana, peas”, he said. It wasn’t Shakespeare, but it was a big step for him. Go, Bean, go! 🙂

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We’ve been showing Alex signing videos (from the My Baby Can Talk and Baby Signing Time series) since he was four months old. Prior to getting the croup, though, he made only a handful of  signs and spoke only a few words. Here’s what he knew: banana (say “nana” and sign, favorite food) cow (say) … Continue reading »

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Clicking Along

Red’sAlex’s lip smacking has graduated to very distinct and deliberate post-alveolar click. I’ve been trying to teach him American Sign Language and hope to teach him Latin later. Maybe I should be teaching him !Kung instead. Silliness aside, it’s neat having click “conversations” with RedAlex. I click once; he clicks once. I click twice; he … Continue reading »

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