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Civil Whorl

When my first child, Alex, was an infant, I read a study about a possible relationship between the rotational direction of one’s hair whorl and one’s handedness. When I checked Alex’s, I discovered he actually has two. I have no idea what that might portend for his handedness, but he seems to be pretty strongly … Continue reading »

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Go Bald With Me?

I’m currently growing my hair out. I have two reasons, one vain and one selfless. I don’t know for sure how much hair my genes will let me keep, so I’m enjoying my flowing follicular fullness while I have it. I’m not keeping my hair long indefinitely, though. It’s a pain to comb and otherwise … Continue reading »

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Whorl War III

It’s time to add another data point to my informal study of hair whorls and handedness. As you can see in the photo, Lily’s whorl has a clockwise pattern. Thus, she has a 95% chance of being right-handed. Sorry, Dear. 😉

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Whorl War II

OK, so it’s not really so much a war as another data point in a little a science project involving my kids. I wanted a clever title, and that was the best I could come up with. Lame, I know. Hey, if you have a better suggestion, by all means share it. You try being … Continue reading »

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Alex had his first haircut today. I used electric clippers, and other than being curious and turning his head to watch me he did well. 🙂 When Mommy came home she kind of flipped, though. I hadn’t warned her, and when she saw him she blurted out, “Oh my gosh! You’re hair is so short!” … Continue reading »

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