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Watch Out, World!

On 07/29 (age: 5mo) she momentarily got up onto hands and knees. By the 9th she was propelling herself. Her method wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. She’s now a pro at crawling. On 08/04 she momentarily sat up on her own. By the 11th she was a pro at sitting. Considering her … Continue reading »

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Sharing the Room

Nothing’s written in stone, but we’ve made a compromise decision regarding how much of the living room to give RedAlex access to. We bought a 12′ x 8′ area rug, rearranged the living room furniture to maximize open space, and bought the North States Superyard XT play yard (plus a two-panel extension). The play yard … Continue reading »

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On the Move

RedAlex is nearing full mobility. Crawling is a skill he will soon fully possess and master. His days of contentment in his playpen are numbered. He’ll soon want to explore more freely. That’s a problem. Our rented house has no carpeting, and the living room has old, bumpy, sorta splintery, poorly maintained hardwood flooring. DW … Continue reading »

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Little Soldier

Alex used his upper body to do a sort of army crawl today. Look out, world!

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