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Proactive Crap Management

No, this isn’t a post about diapers or potty training. It’s about a Lifehacker post. How to De-Crapify Your Home: A Start-to-Finish Guide “While it’s no epidemic, it’s hard to argue that most of us have a little ‘too much stuff’. Whether you’ve got a little or a lot more clutter than you’d like in … Continue reading »

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Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!

I haven’t been able to force myself to watch the following video yet. I’m still stuck on the title and concept. Apparently, the blogger at Out-Numbered was asked to post a video from Momversation. The title of this meeting of the minds? Are You Stressed When Dad Watches the Kids?

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Keeping Peace While Keeping Clean

I stumbled across an interesting post the other day. Wife and mother Kate recently pondered the sharing of housekeeping duties between husbands and wives. I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts.   “I had an interesting conversation with a colleague once who claimed that the chores men typically do around the house are the ones they’re interested … Continue reading »

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