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Beautiful Family

“I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your family is.” Hearing that used to feel awkward. OK, well, I guess it still does. We’ve heard it so many times after mass, though, that we’ve kind of gotten used to it. Some folks are impressed by how well behaved our kids are. Others are just … Continue reading »

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Cookie Monster and the Economics Lesson

The 1977 Little Golden Book “Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree” (which I think was also a segment in a Sesame Street episode) is ostensibly a fable about sharing, but I have a different perspective. Yeah, I know it’s pretty dorky to write a serious critique of a children’s book. Humor me, though. There’s a … Continue reading »

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Go Bald With Me?

I’m currently growing my hair out. I have two reasons, one vain and one selfless. I don’t know for sure how much hair my genes will let me keep, so I’m enjoying my flowing follicular fullness while I have it. I’m not keeping my hair long indefinitely, though. It’s a pain to comb and otherwise … Continue reading »

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Moustache Madness (or Men Get Cancer, too)

Yes, I know I didn’t use the American spelling (“mustache”), but it doesn’t work for Movember. What’s Movember? Well, think of it this way: October is breast cancer awareness month, and it’s obvious that breast cancer has incredible PR. It’s not just October, either. Every year in cities around the country theer are breast cancer … Continue reading »

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