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Trilingual Alphabet Signs (Free Download!)

I actually finished this months ago, but I’ve been so busy with grad school and whatnot I haven’t gotten around to writing about it. Here it finally is, offered as-in and without fanfare. My wife and I have been using Signing Time videos to teach our kids ASL since Alex was four months old. Ever … Continue reading »

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Our First Signed Mass

Since our whole family has been enjoying learning ASL signs, and we’re Catholic, we thought attending a bilingual ASL/English mass would be an interesting and edifying experience. It took us a while, but we finally got around to doing it last week. It was an interesting and generally positive experience. [Many of my observations are … Continue reading »

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Boy Talk

Let’s catch up with the boys’ development. 🙂 Joel 02/21 said “bubble” and “juice” (“joo”) 02/22 said “Alex” (“Abix” or “Ah-eh”) 02/26 stepped into his pants to help me dress him 02/27 said “I did it” 03/03 said “bear” 03/17 said “Lily” (“Oh-wee”) 04/01 said “Thomas” (“Domeh”) and “Toby” (“Doby”) 04/04 signed “cereal” Alex 03/05 … Continue reading »

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Talk, Talk. We Like to Talk.

Joel’s been steadily adding to his vocabulary. 01/22: signed “thank you” 01/24: said “pineapple” (“pie-apple”) 01/27: said “doggie” 01/31: signed “eat” 02/02: attempted to sign “pineapple” and “pear” 02/05: said “all done” (“ah dah”) 02/06: said “up” (“uh” or “ungh“) 02/08: said and signed “hot”

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Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis…er…Joel?

Joel (15mo) doesn’t speak many words yet. He babbles a lot, and he says a few words that are clear enough to understand, but he’s pretty hard to understand most of the time. Most of the words he speaks he’s spoken for a while now. That might be changing soon, though. He’s started signing. 🙂 … Continue reading »

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