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Funky Dung

oddball stuff

Clicking Along

Red’sAlex’s lip smacking has graduated to very distinct and deliberate post-alveolar click. I’ve been trying to teach him American Sign Language and hope to teach him Latin later. Maybe I should be teaching him !Kung instead. Silliness aside, it’s neat having click “conversations” with RedAlex. I click once; he clicks once. I click twice; he … Continue reading »

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Lip Service

RedAlex has developed an interesting habit. He spends a lot of his time flapping/smacking his lips. By that I mean that he seems to be immitating adults talking, but no sound comes from his throat. It’s kinda amusing to watch.¬†I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a child of mine is is odd. ūüėȬ† Anybody … Continue reading »

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Xerox, Kleenex,and Gerber, oh my!

Some companies go overboard protecting their copyrights and trademarks. The latest case of obsessive possessiveness comes from Gerber. They sent a cease and desist letter to Aquinas and More to stop their use of “onesie“. In solidarity with A&M and in defiance of such silliness, I offer the following. ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬† ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬†ONESIE!¬† Pthbb :-p~~~~~~~~~

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Daddy in Chief

I’d like to keep the political content of the Amazing Pudding as low as possible, but I thought this video from the Bush girls to their father was well worth sharing. As an author at Dad-o-Matic put it, “At the end of the day, like him or not, even the President of the United States … Continue reading »

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