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Food and Beverage

stuff eaten or drunk

A Spoonful of Seasoning Helps the Yucky Soup Go Down

Alex is a very picky eater. He operates on a dietary version of the closed world assumption. If he doesn’t know for sure that he likes something, he believes and firmly states that he doesn’t like it – even if he’s never tried it. Stubborn as he is (just like his parents), he’ll willingly sit … Continue reading »

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Magic Beans: From Pantry to Garden

You bought that bag of dried beans the best of intentions. You were sure you were going to make soup, stew, and chili from them. But soaking them overnight (or longer) was a nuisance, and canned beans were so much easier to deal with, so you left the bag in the pantry after trying a … Continue reading »

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Ever Forget to Feed Your Child Lunch?

As dinner time approached this evening, my wife asked what the boys had had for lunch today. Since I’d been home all day with them, I ought to know. When I paused to think, she uttered a perplexed, “Hello?” For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what Joel had eaten. Then light dawned in … Continue reading »

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Off the Bottle

At 11 months, Joel is finally weaned off bottles. Now we only have to wash sippy cups, because both boys use them. 🙂

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After-Dinner Nap

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