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Flame Bait

rants and controversial issues

Sandboxes, Sharing, and Socialism

“There’s nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view I hold dear.” ― Daniel C. Dennett I try to keep my political ramblings and my parental ruminations as separate as possible. However, there are occasions when the two intersect, and I feel compelled to comment. This is one of those times. I’m a … Continue reading »

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Fight at the Museum

On Saturday, we went to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We had a great time, but none of that was really worth telling you, my few but loyal readers. What I thought might be interesting to share was something incidental that I encountered. In the Nursery (what they call the toddler play area), there is … Continue reading »

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Wrong Lesson About Sharing?

Over Christmas break, my niece and nephew were watching a kids’ show during breakfast. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be memorable, but the moral lesson of the story bothered me a little. Super Why is advertised as “a breakthrough preschool series designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills that they need to … Continue reading »

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What Did You Do?!

I had a rather irritating and insulting experience this afternoon and wonder how many other dads have had similar experiences.

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Dress For the Occasion

[This is a slightly edited re-post from my previous blog. It seemed appropriate in light of a post I recently wrote here.] While visiting with my in-laws outside of Erie a couple years ago I went to their parish for the Epiphany. I noticed something there that I’ve noticed at other parishes, and it drives … Continue reading »

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