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Cow Pies

asides and other quick thoughts

Words of Wisdom

“Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement”

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Clicking Along

Red’sAlex’s lip smacking has graduated to very distinct and deliberate post-alveolar click. I’ve been trying to teach him American Sign Language and hope to teach him Latin later. Maybe I should be teaching him !Kung instead. Silliness aside, it’s neat having click “conversations” with RedAlex. I click once; he clicks once. I click twice; he … Continue reading »

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Be Less Helpful

I thought about calling this post “The Abobination”. I had a doctor appointment today. I couldn’t get a sitter, so I took Red with me. Riding the bus on the way home, RedAlex caught a young fellow’s attention. He stopped watching (very loud) videos on his cell phone and talked to me and Red a … Continue reading »

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Heavenly Sounds

Is there any human-produced sound as wonderful as a child’s giggle?

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