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A Real Mensch

Posted by on October 30, 2014
Sheriff Joel

Sheriff Joel

Joel made me really proud two weeks ago, but he was just doing the kind of thing he usually does.

Joel’s very confident in pre-K (as all my kids have been), and he has never had any separation anxiety, but plenty of kids have. One of the girls in his class has had a particularly hard time adjusting. She cries just about every day, missing her mommy terribly. As a result, she has had some trouble socializing with her classmates.

Two weeks ago, this girl was having another rough day, and nobody seemed to want to play with her. Everyone except Joel, that is.

He invited her over to a table to draw and write. She was hesitant at first, but soon they were both writing, smiling, and laughing together.

As a reward for his warm gesture of friendship, Joel’s teachers gave him the plastic sheriff star badge in the photo. He’s certainly a star to me.

That small gesture, that might have meant a lot to that little girl, is just the kind of thing he does. He’ll play with anyone. He can make friends with anyone. He’s not a loud, boisterous personality, though. He’s a quiet, silly, bouncy kid that is as comfortable doing his own thing in class or on the playground as he is cooperating and playing with a big crowd.

On several occasions, Joel has said, “I love everyone in the whole world”. I think I believe him.

Joel is a real mensch – the kind of person my wife and I both wish we were more like.