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A Spoonful of Seasoning Helps the Yucky Soup Go Down

Posted by on August 19, 2014
I couldn't find a picture of Alex making a "yuck" face, so this will have to do.

I couldn’t find a picture of Alex making a “yuck” face, so this will have to do.

Alex is a very picky eater. He operates on a dietary version of the closed world assumption. If he doesn’t know for sure that he likes something, he believes and firmly states that he doesn’t like it – even if he’s never tried it. Stubborn as he is (just like his parents), he’ll willingly sit through dinner without eating anything. (And since we don’t do special requests when kids don’t like what we serve, that’s just what he does.) I managed to outwit him recently, though, and get him to eat most of a dinner he said he didn’t want.

About a week ago, we had tortellini soup. Alex likes tortellini (What’s not to like?), but he doesn’t like the zucchini, tomatoes, spices, etc. We usually make dinner meals fairly bland, so each person can season them as much or as little as they like. I typically season my tortellini soup with garlic salt. I offered to put some on Alex’s soup to try (as I’ve done on other occasions), because I thought it might mask the flavors he doesn’t like. He surprised me by agreeing, so I sprinkled some on a small spoonful. He didn’t like it, but instead of just giving up, he asked what else he could try. I suggested salt, which he accepted. Still no go. Pepper was next. Nope. Crazy Mixed-Up Salt? Uh-uh. Mrs. Dash? Still yucky. Last was Mrs. Dash Italian Medley. Another dud.

You might think six failures would disappoint me. I suppose it could have, except that I actually achieved my primary objective, which was to get Alex to eat some soup. In the process of trying six different spices, he ate most of the non-tortellini contents of the soup! I told him he just needed to eat the tortellini to have something sweet to eat, which he had no objection to. 🙂

For once, redirection and obfuscation actually worked. Now I need to find other ways to make it work. Muahahahahahaha!