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Watch Out, World!

Posted by on August 22, 2011

Time for my brothers to get used to sharing their toys with me.

On 07/29 (age: 5mo) she momentarily got up onto hands and knees. By the 9th she was propelling herself. Her method wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. She’s now a pro at crawling.

On 08/04 she momentarily sat up on her own. By the 11th she was a pro at sitting.

Considering her age, those two feats were enough to impress us, but they weren’t enough for her.

On 08/19, she decided it’d be fun to try using a toy barn (the one in the photo) to stand up. It didn’t last long, so we figured it was a fluke. It wasn’t.

Later that day, Amanda was sitting on the floor. Lily crawled over to her and proceeded to crawl up her leg. Once there, she straightened her legs, standing at a right angle with her hands on the leg. She then pushed up with straight arms, but she couldn’t hold herself up, so she fell over. She wasn’t defeated, though. Within moments, Amanda felt a tug at the back of her shirt. Lily was trying to pull herself up to a standing position!

Amazing, right? There’s more!

On the 20th, I was sitting in the dining room, working on my laptop when I hear Amanda say, “Holy crap, Lily! What are you doing?!” This was followed by, “Honey, come out and look at this!”

When I got there, I saw Lily on her knees in front of the bottom stair of our staircase. I watched as she straightened her legs to a standing position and straightened her arms until she was was in a leaning stand. She didn’t last long like that before she lost her balance and fell down, though.

Falling was traumatic for her, but it hasn’t made her hesitant in any way. Every day she’s building up her leg and arm strength. She loves to crawl around the living room floor, but she spends almost as much time pushing up to hands and feet. We think soon she’ll be doing what we call a “monkey walk” – galumphing along on hands and feet. It won’t be long after that that she stands.

All this she’s done before 6mo! At this rate, she could beat Alex’s 10.5mo walking age by a month or more. Watch out world, Lily’s on her way!