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Planning for Success

Posted by on August 7, 2011

It’s only natural to plan for failure in our endeavors. This is especially true and reasonable when potty training toddlers. They’re just going to play with their parts for a few minutes for the first umpteen times you put them on the toilet or potty chair. The first time they actually do something, you might not know what to do. My wife didn’t.

A week or so ago, Joel insisted on going to the bathroom with Amanda. Joel won’t be 2 until October, and Alex will be 3 in September. Alex’s potty training is of greater interest to us, but we’re certainly not discouraging Joel’s curiosity about using the potty.

Anyhow, Joel sat on the potty chair for a couple minutes. When Amanda was ready to leave the bathroom, she picked Joel up from his potty chair and couldn’t believe what she saw.


Joel pooped the potty. Alex still hasn’t done anything more than dribble in the potty.

She didn’t know what to do! It sounds silly, but it was just so unexpected. She was shocked and stunned. She’d never had to deal with successful potty use. It took her a moment to regain her presence of mind, get the wipes for Joel’s butt, and decide to empty the little potty into the big one.

The moral of the story is that you need to plan for success as much as you do for failure. Otherwise, you’ll feel dumb and get mad at your husband for snickering and writing a blog post about your misadventure. 😉

(For the record, I would have been just as shell-shocked. ;))