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Ever Forget to Feed Your Child Lunch?

Posted by on May 24, 2011

As dinner time approached this evening, my wife asked what the boys had had for lunch today. Since I’d been home all day with them, I ought to know. When I paused to think, she uttered a perplexed, “Hello?” For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what Joel had eaten. Then light dawned in my hazy brain.

I’d forgotten to feed Joel lunch.

“How could you possibly remember to feed one toddler but not the other”, you may ask. Well, it has to do with how naps are handled.

You see, we’ve learned – the hard way – that the boys can’t go down for nap at the same time. They share a small room, with cribs on opposite sides. If they go in to nap at the same time, it takes an hour or more for them to fall asleep. That’s because they hoot, holler, yell, screech, giggle, babble, talk, play, destroy, dishevel, jump, play – just about anything but sleep. The solution is to let Joel start napping first, because he really likes napping and falls asleep quickly and without a fuss. Once Joel is asleep, Alex can be taken in. With nobody to entertain or be entertained by, he falls asleep relatively quickly.

Lately, that’s been a great system, because between 11 and 12 Joel starts to get very sleepy. When I see his battery’s running low, I ask him if he wants a nap. He usually gives me puppy dog eyes and exhaustedly replies, “Nap”, so I take him upstairs. Sometimes he gets so tired that he stands at the stair gate, looks at me forlornly, and says,  “Nap” in a sad, weak voice.

Today, he happily played until 12:30 before needing a siesta. As is typical these days, I proceeded to feed Alex lunch while Joel napped, with the usual intention of feeding Joel when he woke up. There’s usually a lag time between when Joel wakes and when Alex wakes (since he tends to sleep up to an hour longer than his little brother). Today, though, the boys woke up at about the same time, so they came downstairs at the same time.

I was nudged out of my routine by the simultaneous wake-up. My autopilot was deactivated, and I failed to correct my course.

Thus, poor Joel didn’t get lunch. e didn’t even complain. How was I to know? What could have made me realize?

So, you see, I had a good reason for forgetting. It could have happened to anybody, right?

If only that made me feel less guilty. 🙁