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Agnus Dei

Posted by on April 18, 2011

Agnus Dei XVIII

Alex has wowed me again. It happened yesterday afternoon while he was playing on the living room floor with his trains. In addition to quietly narrating some kind of story involving characters from Thomas and Friends, he was singing bits of songs to himself. When I first heard him, he was singing a song from Signing Time. I just smiled and resumed the work I was doing at the computer. Moments later, though, I heard something that got my full attention.

“…qui tollis peccata mundi…”

I was awed.

I listened intently. Before long he sang almost the whole first line in the triplet! It wasn’t particularly in tune, but the words were clear.

Wow. I am so impressed. First the Sanctus, and now the Agnus Dei! I guess it won’t be long before he joins the Schola Cantorum of the Pittsburgh Oratory. 😉