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I’m Too Sexy For This Blog

Posted by on April 5, 2011

Welcome to Bizzaro World

Backpacking Dad, the snarky comic behind HomeHer10, a stay-at-home version of BlogHer10, has struck again. This time he’s set his parodial sights on Circle of Moms’ Top 25 Dad Bloggers list, and produced the Top 25 Sexiest Dad Bloggers.

I don’t know if BD was bonked on the head or smoking something special, but he put me on the list.




OK, you can stop laughing now.

Lest you should think he meant something deep about the sexiness of a dad who writes well or has demonstrated love for his above and beyond the call of parenthood, he’s quick to set you straight.

“A list like this is important, because it lets us focus on the very relevant factor of sexiness. It ignores elements like quality of writing, helpfulness, sincerity, skill, morality, popularity, hilarity, and advocacy. It’s all about sexiness.”

There you have it. I’m sexy. If the likes me can make a list like that, though, I pity my listmates. 😉