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Religious Education Is More Than Books

Posted by on November 21, 2010

We’re starting to see some fruits from the seeds of faith we’ve sown in our children. Both have been going to mass with us every week. Heck, Alex went at six days old and Joel went at two days old! We say grace before meals and a prayer before saying goodnight.

Alex has been able to say most of the bedtime prayer for quite some time now (I thought I’d blogged about it, but I can’t find the post, so maybe it was just a tweet. Hmm…). He recently started to demand grace as soon as an adult sits down at the table (Also something I only tweeted. This is not a good trend.). Most recently, he’s begun to actively participate in mass instead of just being there. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve appreciate how well he generally behaves during mass. However, until recently he didn’t seem to be paying much attention.

Last week, though, he knelt during the consecration of the Eucharist – without any prompting whatsoever! He did again this week, though not for as long (He is a toddler, after all.). We’re not perfect parents, and God knows we could pray for and with each other more often, but we must be doing something right. I just hope we can keep it up.

Alex is a very bright, precocious, and willful child. I just can’t shake the feeling that he’s destined for either great good or great evil, and it’s our grave responsibility to make sure it’s the former. I say that with tongue partially in cheek, but not entirely. Parenting is serious business. It’s our job to make sure our kids are set on a path to salvation and have the faith and fortitude to stay on it when they’re responsible for their own lives.

No pressure. 😉