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Fatherhood Friday: Sentences!

Posted by on July 23, 2010
Fatherhood Friday

I have no idea what this week's theme is. I'm a rebel without a clue. 😉

When my wife and I picked up the boys from daycare yesterday, one of the caretakers (teachers? wardens?) told us that Alex had been talking up a storm. We figured she meant the usual – two and three word comprehensible sentence fragments separated by gibberish that only he understands. It turns out we were wrong.

Our desktop PC is in the dining room, so while Alex was eating dinner he was able to see what was displayed on the monitor. At the time, all the windows were minimized, so he had an unobstructed view of the background desktop image. He spent the first few moments of dinner pointing out Mommy, Alex, and Joel in the picture. A few minutes later, I decided to occupy myself while he ate. However, no sooner did I restore a window but Alex loudly protested.

He said what?!

“No! I don’t want to hide it!”

What?! Huh? Did he really just say that? Did my 22mo really just speak a clear and seemingly (unless I misheard him) grammatically correct five-word sentence?

“What’s wrong, Alex?”, I asked incredulously.

“I don’t want to hide it!”

OK. I think he really said it. Sure, “hide it” could have been “hided”, but that’s beside the point. I think my not-even-2yo son just clearly spoke a five-word sentence. I have to be sure, though.

I minimized the window I had restored.

“Hi, Mommy.”, Alex said, smiling sweetly.

He’d really said it. He didn’t want the picture of Mommy covered up, and he clearly let me know. That wasn’t the end, though.

A few minutes later, after he’d finished dinner and was in the living room playing, he demonstrated his linguistic abilities again. He was standing on the couch and playing with his trucks and trains on the window sill, as he is wont to do. I’m not sure how it happened, but he bumped his face on the hard frame of the back of the couch.

He rubbed his nose, giggled, and said, “I hit my nose!”

He’d done it again – spoken a complete and comprehensible sentence. Holy crap! When did he acquire this skill? Did it happen at daycare yesterday? As far as my wife and I know, he wasn’t speaking in sentences yesterday morning.

We’re flabbergasted. I’m not sure how else to describe how we (or at least I) feel. Wow. I can’t imagine what new trick you’ll show us tomorrow, next week, next month, or whenever, Alex, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m so blessed to be watching you (and Joel) grow up like this. 🙂