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A Blessing and a Curse

Posted by on January 7, 2010

Witnessing the growth of my son’s vocabulary has been, on the whole, a blessing and a source of fascination. One recent and fun development involves one of Alex’s favorite books, one that he has access to both at home and at daycare. It’s “Moo Baa La La La“, by Sandra Boynton. He has it pretty well memorized.

  • Me: “A cow says…”
  • Alex: “Mmm”
  • Me: “A sheep says…”
  • Alex: “Bah”
  • Me: “And three singing pigs say ‘La, la, la!'”
  • Alex: “No, no, no, no!!!”
  • Me: “‘No, no’, you say. ‘That isn’t right, the pigs say oink all day and night.'”
  • Me: “Rhinoceroses snort and snuff, and little dogs go…”
  • Alex: “Ruh, ruh, ruh, ruh.”
  • Me: “Some other dogs go…”
  • Alex: “Bowawawa.”
  • Me: “‘Quack’ says the duck. The horse says…”
  • Alex: “Ni” [ala Monty Python]
  • Me: “It’s quiet now. What do you say?”
  • Alex: “Aboo!”

I don’t know how well it translates to text, but it doesn’t get much cuter than that. If only cute was all talking brought. This blessing brings a curse with it.



That’s “mine”, in case you wondered. If you take anything from him that he wants, refuse to give him anything, remove him from somewhere he wants to be, or take him somewhere he doesn’t want to be, that’s what you get.

I’m sure it’s just a phase and an important part of development, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. 😉