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Posted by on December 13, 2009

We’ve been showing Alex signing videos (from the My Baby Can Talk and Baby Signing Time series) since he was four months old. Prior to getting the croup, though, he made only a handful of  signs and spoke only a few words. Here’s what he knew:

  • banana (say “nana” and sign, favorite food)
  • cow (say)
  • daddy (say “dadada”, only occasionally)
  • sign (sign, used to ask for signing DVD)
  • pear (sign)
  • yes (say “yeah”)
  • no (say)

By the end of November, his vocabulary had grown by leaps and bounds. This is what he added:

  • ball (say and sign, favorite word)
  • more (sign)
  • drink (sign)
  • eat (sign)
  • baby (say and sign)
  • please (sign)
  • bath (sign)
  • dog (sign)
  • purple (say, first color, only occasionally)
  • green (say “geen” or “gee”, only occasionally)
  • red (say “reh”, only occasionally)
  • shoes (say and sign)
  • bye bye (say)
  • hat (sign)
  • wash hands (sign)
  • hot (say and sign, only occasionally)
  • book (say “boo” or “aboo”)
  • all done (sign)
  • down (say “dow”)
  • cold (sign)
  • puppy (say “buppy” or “dutty”)
  • monkey (say “muh-ee”)

He’s added a few more in the first few two weeks of December, but I’ve stopped keeping track. He learned so much so quickly I just had to record it all to marvel at later. It’ll make a great addition to his baby book. Now if we’d only start a baby book for him…