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Where Have I Been? What’s New?

Posted by on December 8, 2009

There are lots of reasons that I haven’t written much lately. They’re mostly excuses, but I’m going to use them anyway. 😉

  1. Multiple blogs. Like I said in the previous post, managing multiple blogs with multiple online personas and trying to maintain some anonymity is not conducive to writing regularly. I haven’t sorted how to protect my family’s privacy while posting as myself, but if I don’t write as myself, I know I won’t be motivated to write at all. Suggestions welcome.
  2. Graduate school. Yup, I’m still a student. Right now I’m working full-time five days a week at the lab. My boss/advisor wants easy access to me, so no more full-time stay-at-home dadness. 🙁 However, starting in January I’ll be working three days a week in the lab and two at home, because of…
  3. Second child. Back in October, on our fifth wedding anniversary, our second son was born. Until I decide whether to use his real name or not, let’s call him Jelly Bean or Jelly. 🙂 Up until now, RedRed has been in daycare five days a week. Starting in January, when my wife goes back to work, I’ll be at home Monday and Tuesday, and the boys will be in daycare Wednesday-Friday. I’m hoping I’ll have at least a little time to write on Monday or Tuesday.
  4. Free time. I really don’t have much anymore. I rarely even run anymore, and it’s obvious in my physique. 🙁 (more on that in a subsequent post)

Stay tuned for a post on recent downs and ups in Red’sAlex’s life. 🙂