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Twitter: Follow Me, Follow You

Posted by on March 3, 2009

Hey folks, just an FYI.

Some of you might notice me following you on Twitter using two different accounts. Before that weirded anyone out, I wanted to explain why.

I’ve been a presence in social media (mostly blogging) since late 2001. My main blog (which I won’t link here) covers contentious issues like religion and politics. When I decided to start a daddy blog, I wanted to avoid as much rancor and vitriol as possible. I also wanted to remain somewhat anonymous so that every potentially embarrassing detail of my son’s life isn’t some day accessible via a simple Google search of his name (or mine).

To make that break with my previous blog and to maintain pseudo-anonymity (anyone really motivated will still be able to find out who I am; I’m no PittGirl), I created a new pseudonym for blogging – Atom Heart Father. I also now have a Twitter account under that name. I still use my other handle, though. As with my blogging, I try to keep the controversial stuff on one account and stuff about parenting on the other.

So, if you know the name I first tweeted under, you may realize that I’m following you twice. Now you’ll know why and not think I’m setting up a sock puppet or something. 😉

Follow me @atomheartfather

P.S. I couldn’t resist the cheesy Genesis reference in the title. 😉