An idea popped into my head today, and I decided to write about it before I forgot about it. The details are lacking, but I’m hoping my resourceful readers can help with that. 🙂

I love blogfests, tweetups, and other social media gatherings I also love (though no longer have time for) social gatherings and study groups at my church. I’ve noticed, though, that I spend an awful lot of time on entertainment (for either myself or my kids) and rather little on serving my fellow man.

So, the thought occurred to me that I could combine what I love to do with what I should do. Thus, I present to you the barely formed idea of Charitweets. The gist is that it would be very much like Pittsburgh Tweetup but focused solely on charitable activities. Examples include working at soup kitchens, feeding or clothing the homeless, visiting nursing homes, playing with disabled kids, picking up trash, planting community gardens, and volunteer construction work.

Charitweets would be a central web location where groups could register and post planned activities, and participants could RSVP and build social media connections. It would be non-sectarian and non-denominational, but religious groups would be welcome to lead and participate in activities. An effort would be made to avoid highly controversial or politically-charged gatherings. That means no visits to abortion clinics and no marches in gay pride parades.

Since I’m a busy grad student and father of two (with a third on the way), I don’t really have the time to handle most of the legwork needed to get this idea off the ground. I’m also not the most well-connected guy in Pittsburgh. That’s why I’d like to tap a few social media superstars to help me. Hopefully they’ll see this post, and others who see it will beg, nag, and grovel before them, and I’ll have an All-Madden team to take over the city of Pittsburgh, one good deed at a time.


Er…um…yeah. Anyhow. Moving on.

Who is this superhero league I hope to recruit?

  • Pittsburgh Tweetup (@PGHTweetup): the premiere organizer, wrangler, and herder of tweeps looking to meet and greet
  • Laura Miller (@SecretAgentL): aka Secret Agent L, the queen of anonymous acts of niceness, whose motto – “Be kind. No exceptions.” – says it all
  • Virgina Montanez (@JanePitt): the snarkist formerly known as PittGirl, who uses her fame to make good things happen to people in trouble
  • Mike Woycheck (@woycheck): the godfather of the Pittsburgh social media scene, butler to our city’s superheros, the king of connections

Now, go forth, my minions (all three of you), and harangue, convince, and plead until these luminaries relent and join forces with me to help me realize my crazy ideas!