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I've Been Workin' on the Wiki..

…all the live-long day 🙂 Remember my WikiIndex idea? Well, somebody saw it and asked me to participate in a private beta for a wiki site he’s developing. I accepted and have begun work on a wiki for Catholic books. There’s much work left to do, but if you take a look, you’ll get the …

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Recently I was discussing and lamenting with friends the proliferation of heretical books written by individuals calling themselves Catholic or at least purporting to have expert knowledge of the Church or Christianity in general. I read a lot and my friends read a lot. We’re inquisitive people and have at least a little ability to …

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Tiptoe Through the TULIP

This is a little late because I’ve been too busy to stay on top of things. Anyhow, Jollyblogger has written several posts about the five points of Calvinism (i.e TULIP: total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints). There’s an uberpost that links to the whole series. Most, if not …

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Lopsided Wiki

The wiki for the Five Solas of the Reformation seems to present a biased and inadequate treatment of the Catholic (and Orthodox) positions regarding their bases. Anyone care to edit it?