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Squirrel Hill to Oakland Walking Group

I’m PhD student. I’m a father of two with a third on the way. I’m a busy guy. I’m also overweight.
I’m about 187 lbs now. I’d like to be around 175 lbs by the end of November and 165lbs by the middle of March. My running training isn’t going so well. My job (research) is sedentary. I feel like I’m […]

Oh Brother

Implantable Chip, On Sale Now By Julia Scheeres “The maker of an implantable human ID chip has launched a national campaign to promote the device, offering $50 discounts to the first 100,000 people who register to get embedded with the microchip. “

"You Have the Right to Answer a Survey…"

`But Officer, I Didn’t Do Anything!’ By JIM SLOAN “Last week, the rail authority, which is responsible for building the rail system, conducted traffic interviews [with the help of police officers] at I-4 entrance ramps in the Lakeland area. Sunday and Monday, the authority set up shop at an I-4 rest stop east of Lakeland. …

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Calling Bruce Willis…

Space rock ‘on collision course’ By Dr David Whitehouse “An asteroid discovered just weeks ago has become the most threatening object yet detected in space.”

Nosy Fan

Is the back of William Shatner’s head really that interesting? “An unidentified Star Trek fan, left, tries to get a peek at actor William Shatner” Photo