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2012 Run Around the Square 5K: Personal Course Record!

I ran the Run Around the Square 5K today. My training has been going well, I’ve been losing weight, and I’ve felt really good lately, so I’d hoped for a personal 5K record. Unfortunately, the temperature was about ten degrees warmer than I’d hoped, the humidity was high, and the ozone level […]

Pounds = Minutes

I’ve determined that there’s a fairly linear relationship between my weight and my finishing time for any given distance.
10K Time (minutes) = .538 * Weight (pounds) – 39.573
My 10 K PR is 50.82 minutes, so my target weight to hit 50 (± 1) minutes is 166.5 (± 0.9) pounds (I was actually just under […]

Hold On To Your Butts…

​[This post was originally a post at the Nerd Fitness forums.]
“Hold on to your butts…”
Man, I love that line from Jurassic Park. What can’t Samuel L. Jackson make cool? Oh yeah, the prequels. Damn.
Why am I here?
I’m here because I’m a stressed out grad student and father of 3, and I’m […]

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

​[This post was originally a post on the DadLabs forums]
I recently embarked on a long-term weight loss journey. My point of departure was about 191lbs. The distant land is 150lbs, and I pledged to traverse the 41lb distance in 82 weeks (losing .5lb/week). 82 weeks is a long time, so I’ll be […]

Marathon Training Phase I: Endurance

Pursuant to my marathon training plan, here’s my training plan for 10/25/10 through 01/02/10:

Phase I
Endurance base
9-weeks (No. 26-18) [actually 10 weeks because I’m repeated week 18]
Specific Objectives: Cardiovascular fitness, muscular skeletal adjustments to training volumne, not much […]