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See, Bill Gates IS Satan ;)

I wonder if Guildenstern helped write this article. 😉 Microsoft Escapes From Google ‘Hell’ Company’s Web site no longer top result in search on infernal phrase. Linda Rosencrance

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Reptilian queens, UFOs, a cancer cure ? strange New Mexico case gets under way By John Springer


There’s tasteless and then there’s really tasteless. This falls in to latter category. Couple Arrested for Sex in Cathedral “NEW YORK (Reuters) – A Virginia couple was arraigned on Friday after they were arrested for allegedly having sex in a vestibule of St. Patrick’s Cathedral while parishioners worshiped nearby. “

Return of the Skank

Some losers just keep coming back. Who’s next, OJ Simpson’s buddy, Cato Caelin? Your 15 Minutes Are Up Tabloid Fame Doesn’t Carry ‘Anna Nicole’ By Ken Ringle

Stealth Zeppelin

Investigation Casts Light on the Mysterious Flying Black Triangle By Leonard David