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More Thoughts on Charitable Social Media

Yesterday,  I posted some incomplete thoughts on how to use social media for charitable endeavors in a project concept I tentatively called “Charitweets”. I’ve done some additional thinking about the idea and have come up with a few rough specifications. superficial details “Charitweet” might have to go. Twitter is all that and bag of chips […]

Charitweets (Coming Soon?)

An idea popped into my head today, and I decided to write about it before I forgot about it. The details are lacking, but I’m hoping my resourceful readers can help with that. I love blogfests, tweetups, and other social media gatherings I also love (though no longer have time for) social gatherings and study […]

ET Phone Britain?

British Military ‘Suppressed UFO Information’ By Pete Harrison “LONDON (Reuters) – The British government tried to cover up one of the country’s most famous sightings of an unidentified flying object, a parliamentary watchdog ruled Tuesday. “

Idiots Abound

Crowds Rampage After Ohio State WinBy JOHN McCARTHY “COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Police fired tear gas and wooden pellets to break up rioting by college football fans who set fire to cars, threw bottles and burned furniture in the streets early Sunday in celebration of Ohio State University’s victory over rival Michigan.”

Home Sweet Airplane

I want one! Airplane Homesby Max Power Aerospace, Inc