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Separated At Birth?

The pictures don’t really do either justice, but watching Stone Phillips on TV always reminds me of Max Headroom. The former looks more plastic under studio lights and his motions are eerily similar to Max’s. Now all he needs is a stutter. 😉

Wicca Broadcasting

[I’m not sure I can agree with more than about a paragraph of this post, but it’s not offensive, so I’m honoring my promise of free speech to my guest posters. – Funky] I just happened to flip past Smallville, another remake of the Superman story, on the WB the other night. Three witches were …

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CBS Smites Joan

One of the few shows I turn the TV on to watch is Joan of Arcadia (JoA). Quietly on 5-18-05, CBS cancelled the show. I just found this out from my wife who also watches it. We were wondering what happened when there were no commercials about the show. We didn't imagine that they canceled …

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Cop Show Copycats

I couldn't resist quoting a comment Wojo made at Grabass. "I think we need Law And Order: Parking Violations Unit." I love the original Law and Order, but even that has jumped the shark and devolved into a parody of itself. LaO: Special Victims Unit is pretty good, but it's getting a little old. I …

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John and Charlotte Were Robbed

I'm not a reality TV fan, but there is one show I've watched consistently – Dancing With the Stars. I've done some ballroom dancing (exhibition, not competition) and loved it, so I was hooked pretty quickly. The routines consisted of more flash than footwork, but it was still cool to see ballroom dancing get some …

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