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I'm not tolerant of homosexuality, but I don't think children of homosexual parents should be treated any less respect than those of heterosexual parents, adopted parents, or single parents. On the other hands, I hope Nickelodeon doesn't plan to legitimize homosexual lifestyles for children. Nickelodeon to air special on gay parents despite protests "NEW YORK …

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Black Holes Ain't So Black These Days

Here’s another case of science fiction making cool predictions and being right. This time, Doctor Who gets credit for suggesting black holes as power sources. Black Hole Dynamos Spawn Monster Energy Fields Cosmic dynamos in black holes could be the most efficient power plants in the universe, spawning magnetic energy fields so big they push …

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A Blast From the Past

I remember this from Saturday Night Live. 🙂 Happy Fun Ball

Mr. T versus the world

I pity the fool who doesn't check this site out. Thanks, Shakma42. 🙂 Mr. T vs Everything