Movin' On Up

I was shocked to discover that my current TTLB Ecosystem ranking is 340! I had been hovering around 1000 for some time. I think Blog Explosion has a lot to do with my jump in traffic. I suppose most of my BE visitors just wait the minimum 30 seconds and click to see the next …

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Livin' Large

I’m not sure how long this will last, but The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem currently says I’m a Large Mammal. For the past few months I’ve been a Marauding Marsupial. Here’s a post from the Bear himself explaining the recent “mood swings” the ecosystem’s been having.

Funny :)

Whenever I move up the food chain in The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, I check the incoming links to see who’s linking me. Doing so I found a complimentary post at extreme Catholic. Apparently I’m funny. Groovy 🙂 Also found in that post is a link to a cool aggregator of sorts for St. Blog’s …

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