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Marathon Training Phase I: Endurance

Pursuant to my marathon training plan, here’s my training plan for 10/25/10 through 01/02/10:

Phase I
Endurance base
9-weeks (No. 26-18) [actually 10 weeks because I’m repeated week 18]
Specific Objectives: Cardiovascular fitness, muscular skeletal adjustments to training volumne, not much […]

How Not to Run a Marathon

Last year, my Pittsburgh Marathon training was spotty at best. Winter training was almost non-existent due to lengthy chest colds. My mileage didn’t get very high. My longest run was only 16mi – and happened the week before the marathon. I started with the 4:45 pace group last year, and kept with […]

How Low Can You Go

Can TV get any lamer? Fox Puts True Love to Test on ‘Joe Millionaire’ By Steve Gorman “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The latest in a growing procession of prime-time TV courtships might well be called ‘Who Wants to Marry a Construction Worker.’ But that would spoil the secret.”

Switched At Death

I’ve heard of hospital mix-ups that result in people getting the wrong baby, but never this. Families Claim Wrong Crash Victims “BRANDENBURG, Ky. (AP) – Relatives went to a funeral to mourn a teenager after a fatal car wreck, only to learn that the body in the casket wasn’t his.”


Hollywood’s lobbying power in Washington really pisses me off sometimes. Could Hollywood hack your PC? By Declan McCullagh Bill lets music cos hack Napster-like systems “WASHINGTON, July 25 (Reuters) – Media companies would be allowed to sabotage Napster-style networks to prevent songs, movies and other copyrighted materials from being swapped over the Internet under a …

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