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Crazy Cat

My cat got sick and died. I found a new buddy to adopt. He got sick and scared the heck out me. He got better and showed us his goofy personality and strange habits. TL;DR: I peed on a cat. Continue reading »

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Urinal Etiqette

Fellas, have you ever wanted smack someone for breaking the “every other one” rule of urinal use? Well, now you can point them to this handy guide to proper urinal etiquette. International Center for Bathroom Etitiqette

I Love Bathroom Graffitti

War of words fought on toilet walls THE AFGHAN mountains may well go down in history as the place where Britain¬ís military wags met their Portaloo … With American soldiers claiming they might have done better had they, rather than the Royal Marines, been allowed to carry out recent sweep operations and the marines already …

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