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Microsoft At It Again

Now Microsoft is trying to dictate how we license software we develop. They’re trying to bully people away from GPL. Microsoft’s file-share rule makes wavesMicrosoft has opened a new chapter in its long-running dispute with open-source software developers–and it could have antitrust implications. In late March, Microsoft published a document that outlines how third-party developers …

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Global Village Idiocy

A Liberal Slant to the News? by Nat Hentoff In my experience, the two groups most acutely sensitive to criticism are cops and journalists. During the Giuliani years, fear of retribution was so great that some New Yorkers were hesitant to ask a cop for his or her badge number. As for journalists, Bernard Goldberg’s …

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Therapeutic My Tush

Group Pushes for Cloning Research WASHINGTON (AP) – A group of Hollywood moms has resurrected the “Harry and Louise” television ad characters as part of a campaign to allow cloning for research. The television ads, running in Washington and Utah, aim to influence the Senate’s upcoming debate on whether or not to ban human cloning. …

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Uncrackable? I Don't Think So

Saying this encryption, described in a ZDNet article, is uncrackable is naive. It’s just not crackable YET. Uncrackable encryption: It’s no longer just sci-fi

More M$

The Microsoft monopoly that really matters "Ordinary people don’t pay too much attention to software-development tools. And this is just the way Microsoft likes it. Why? Because while the world argues, debates, and even sues over Microsoft’s dominance over things like Web browsers and operating systems, it’s able to quietly control the hearts, minds, and …

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