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And So It Begins

Embryonic Stem Cell Grants Awarded "The government Friday awarded its first grants to prepare for embryonic stem cell research since President Bush gave approval for limited federal funding."

Therapeutic My Tush

Group Pushes for Cloning Research WASHINGTON (AP) – A group of Hollywood moms has resurrected the “Harry and Louise” television ad characters as part of a campaign to allow cloning for research. The television ads, running in Washington and Utah, aim to influence the Senate’s upcoming debate on whether or not to ban human cloning. …

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Stem Cells (part 2)

Here's a news story related to the previous post . First successful human stem cell treatment for heart disease uses adult stem cells "The first reports of successful treatment for heart disease using the patient's own adult muscle stem cells are encouraging news regarding therapy after heart attack. French physiciansimplanted skeletal muscle stem cells back …

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Stem Cell Debate

The embryonic research lobby would like you to think that every scientist thinks that embryonic stem cell research and cloning is critical to curing diseases. Think again: Do No Harm, named after the first line of the traditional Hippocratic oath (that is, the oath that still has the prohibition against abortion), has great stuff on …

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Disposable Babies

The Dolly scientists aren't content with an arthritic cloned sheep. They now want permission to clone human embryonic cells. One of these days, I'll update this site with links to information about the bioethical considerations of stem cell and cloning research, as well as what hasn't gone quite right with Dolly. Dolly the Sheep Scientists …

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