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New Embryonic Stem Cell Sources

The Washington Post reports that there are two new ways to isolate embryonic stem cells. The first involves recovering useable cells from hopelessly damaged embryos that were frozen in IVF clinics. The researchers at Columbia compare this to taking organs from brain-dead patients. Of course, if one considers IVF inherently wrong, this still doesn’t get …

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Some Developments in Biomedicine

Thanks to Wired, I was tipped off on an article published in Nature about a type of stem cell that seems to be at the heart of the most advanced brain tumors in adults and children. It is considered stem-cell like since its chief marker, CD133, is a protein associated with embryonic nerve cells, and …

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Time to Deliver

Part of what got Bush elected was his pro-life stance. Now he has to deliver something to those who elected him and, more broadly, all those who hope to end abortion and prevent ESCR and cloning. Will he? Can he? Pro-life leader questions Bush’s commitment to ending abortions Pro-life group urges Bush to take immediate …

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Getting Our Facts Straight

Here's a relatively neutral summary of the stem cell debate that even the liberal gadflies in Evangelical Outpost's comment boxes approve of. The New York Times, known for it's painfully obvious liberal bias, has surprised me by publishing an even-handed, if a bit skimpy, appraisal of Bush and Kerry campaign statements regarding stem cell research.

Pro-life Candidates in Pennsylvania

Regardless of one's take on the presidential election, there are other important posts up for election this November, including the race for senator, where pro-lifers are running. In the case of the Senate, Jim Clymer is running for Spectre's seat, and I will gladly vote for him over one of the biggest advocates for embryonic …

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