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Star Wars + Bar Review = HyperNerd

The best part about this article┬áis the picture at the top, in which George Lucas is seen wearing a “Han Shot First” t-shirt. Brilliant. (Also, “Han” is in the picture.)
For those not in on the joke, it’s based on a famous scene in Star Wars (aka Episode IV aka A New Hope aka Star Wars: […]

Art and the "Jesus Event"

“An artwork that shows Star Wars characters nailed to crosses has sparked controversy before its public debut at a Melbourne gallery in two weeks. The Herald-Sun reports that the controversial piece called Crusci-fiction consists of a roomful of 25 replicas of robot C3P0 hanging on crosses.” At first I didn’t react very strongly to this …

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Uh..Crack Kills, Dude

The Case for the Empire: Everything you think you know about Star Wars is wrong. “STAR WARS RETURNS today with its fifth installment, “Attack of the Clones.” There will be talk of the Force and the Dark Side and the epic morality of George Lucas’s series. But the truth is that from the beginning, Lucas …

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Father of an Empire

Father figure "Director Irvin Kershner, the unknown wizard behind "The Empire Strikes Back," talks about being Darth Vader, working with George Lucas and making the best "Star Wars" film."

Star Wars Fan Flicks

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