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Scary and Scummy

I got an email from a site called “Share Your Experiences” saying, “Someone who knows you is attempting to share experiences opinions and experiences about you via our website.” At first I was extremely freaked out. I checked the site and found multiple requests and offers of information about me, professional and social, for a …

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Fried Spam

I hope and pray legislation like this really works. Porn Spam Gets Canned New FTC rule requiring pornographic e-mail to be labeled takes effect. Paul Roberts, IDG News Service Wednesday, May 19, 2004 “U.S. e-mail users who have resigned themselves to being shocked by eye-popping pornographic messages in their inboxes can expect some relief, as …

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Making Spam Legal?

Typical government. It seems bad wording has led to the legalization of certain types of spam. Arrrrgh! Spam Slayer: Why Spammers Love the CAN-SPAM Law Antispam laws make some spamming legal and do little to quell the onslaught. Tom Spring, PC World "The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) law targeting junk …

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Gator is Scum

!@#$ spyware vultures. GO PC PITSTOP! Gator foe bitten, but still not shy By Paul Festa "Fresh from settling a libel lawsuit by pulling anti-Gator pages from its site, PC Pitstop this week plans to launch a new, expanded site critical of the controversial software."

A Good Start

Demand Opt-in!!! Senate Amends, Approves Spam Bill Updated CAN-SPAM Act faces another vote, but could become law soon. By Grant Gross "WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate approved a national spam bill on Tuesday that would allow fines of up to $6 million or jail terms of up to five years for some spammers. But the …

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